à La Carte Menu





• Prices are inclusive of taxes • If you have an allergy or dietary intolerance, please let the restaurant know at the time of placing your order

à La Carte Menu

The A la carte food menu at Naan Bar has been designed by Indian chefs trained in India’s top luxury hotels to introduce the best of Indian food to Malta. The dine-in menu features a combination of authentic Indian food prepared using age-old techniques and traditional recipes such as slow-cooked curries and tandoor dishes as well as popular street food dishes served in a modern way. The menu is structured in a way to allow guests the options of selecting sharing dishes that can be enjoyed family-style for a more authentic Indian experience or also as courses based on preferences. As the aim at Naan Bar is to present authentic Indian food in Malta, the food menu also features staple Indian rice dishes such as aromatic biryanis and lightly spiced pulaos as well as typical traditional accompaniments to create a complete traditional Indian meal. The Tandoor selection features classic meat dishes prepared in traditional marinades many of which are keto-friendly. There are also more modern options as well as vegan selections that are added based on seasonality. The slow cooked mains feature long-standing recipes that have been passed down through generations upholding age-old traditions. Over half of the slow-cooked mains feature vegetarian dishes that cater to authentic, home-style traditions of cooking. The Old Delhi Butter Chicken remains the most popular curry dish on the Naan Bar menu for both dine-in as well as take-away. Our guests who prefer to dine-in also delight in the preparation of freshly made naan in our tandoor that is visible through the kitchen’s show window. Several varieties of Indian Naan bread including more exotic varieties such as garlic naan and mint flavoured parathas can be seen being freshly prepared in the on-site clay oven. Join us at Naan Bar for an authentic Indian experience!

Halal Food

Naan Bar is proud to provide halal food that is prepared strictly in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. As an assurance to our Muslin guests, we are careful to work with food suppliers who provide halal certifications for meat product supplied to the restaurant. The utensils used to store and package halal food items are thoroughly cleaned in accordance with the prescribed halal guidelines. As halal food has evolved from a mark of religious observation to assurance of food safety, hygiene and reliability, we at Naan Bar follow strict guidelines to provide halal compliant, high-quality Indian food to our Muslim guests.